Monday, September 9, 2013

mobile to mobile marketing

M2M: Mobile-to-Mobile Marketing


->> Mobile marketing has become the latest trend in the advertising game; really this should come as no surprise. People are rapidly moving away from their computers and starting to access the internet from their mobile devices in ever greater numbers. In order to target these people it is necessary to change the way that advertising is done. One of the changes has been the development of mobile to mobile marketing. This allows marketers an efficient and cost effective way of getting their message out there. Mobile to mobile marketing appears to be the future so learning how to do it is going to be increasingly important.
The great advantage of mobile to mobile marketing is that it can significantly reduce the cost of advertising. Mobile to mobile works by basically routing phone calls around the cell phone networks and sending them over the internet instead. The advantage of doing this is that call can be made at much cheaper price than they could be going through the cellular company's system. The advantage of this for the marketer is obvious, the lower the cost of sending messages the better the return on their investment. In fact one of the biggest impediments to mobile marketing has been the cost of sending messages. Mobile to mobile has removed this barrier since you can effectively send text messages free of charge. When you are sending thousands of text messages every day the savings can be huge.
The primary way that mobile to mobile marketing is done is via SMS marketing, this is basically sending text messages. The biggest thing issue that most marketers will face when it comes to marketing with text messages is getting people to agree to receive the messages. There is a zero tolerance policy for spam when it comes to mobile marketing so you need to get people to sign up voluntarily. This can be challenge since nobody is going to sign up just to be advertised to so you are going to have to give them a reason. Usually this is done by creating a special offer that is available to people who sign up to receive the messages.
One of the reasons that mobile to mobile marketing is the wave of the future is the need to stay in constant contact with your customers. That makes the cost of each message that you send a bigger issue than it is in other forms of advertising. You may need to send dozens of messages to make one sale, unless the messages are virtually free this is going to be financially prohibitive. The reason that you need to send so many messages is that mobile to mobile marketing is largely about building a relationship with your customers. It isn't like traditional advertising where you put out an ad and that is it. When you are marketing with mobile devices you need to stay in regular contact with your customers. Mobile to mobile marketing provides a cost effective way to do that.

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